MARY HUYNH PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog en-us (C) MARY HUYNH PHOTOGRAPHY (MARY HUYNH PHOTOGRAPHY) Sun, 01 Jul 2018 03:09:00 GMT Sun, 01 Jul 2018 03:09:00 GMT MARY HUYNH PHOTOGRAPHY: Blog 120 80 Reid Allgeier Newborn Session Just a couple weeks ago, one of my favorite families welcomed their 2nd into their home. From Lisa & Matt's engagement session at Dogpatch to capturing them as new parents when Ruby arrived, I couldn't wait to see them again with their new family addition. When I met Reid, he just woke from his nap. Wide eyed and alert, he stared deeply into the camera lens with wonder. Their little girl Ruby brought out her camera gear too, and shot alongside me. I think I found an unexpected apprentice :)

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Baker Beach Family Session: Susan+Ian+Olivia To mark their first full year as parents, Ian planned this mommy & me session as a mother's day gift to Susan. With blue skies and a clear view of the Golden Gate bridge, timing couldn't have been any better for a sunset session at Baker Beach. It was also baby Olivia's first visit to the beach! She didn't take fondly to the feel of sand on her feet, but we think that will quickly change in no time. After all, her parents are no strangers to the sea. From photographing their destination wedding on the Big Island of Hawaii to capturing their first months as new parents, I can't wait to see what the next few years will bring!

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Tokyo Portrait Session: Rinko Ready Player One? The night before our session, Rinko interviewed Steven Spielberg at the movie premier in Tokyo. What was it like meeting him in person, I asked. The words "larger than life" came up. As a news media reporter, Rinko finds herself meeting stars and traveling to new locations for stories on the latest pop culture and arts scene. Before heading to Japan, a dear friend connected me with Rinko after hearing of my plans to do a styled portrait shoot while on travel. Due to her unpredictable schedule, we ended up meeting midday at the Shinjuku Gyoen garden. I usually avoid shooting during midday when the mix of harsh sun and dark shadows are tougher to work with. However when the luxury of shooting during magic hour evades me, it means time to take advantage of elements that are available. Shaded areas created by trees, bushes, and momentary clouds were my friends. By the time I reached Tokyo, the last of the cherry blossom had mostly fallen. We found the last tree with remaining sakura, blanketed by layers of pink petals at its base. Each time the wind blew, we were showered with raining blossoms which created a magical scene that felt all too surreal. 

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Ferry Building Embarcadero Session: Gonzalez Family When summer like weather decides to visit San Francisco in February, the Gonzalez family met me for an afternoon fun session at the Ferry Building and along the Embarcadero. Jessica & Robert wanted to capture this moment with all their children as they celebrate baby Raina's 1yr birthday. Their eldest Bobby and Rachael were so great taking care of the little ones. As the sun was setting, I snuck in a quiet moment with just the parents as we're surrounded by glowing lights along the pier.

Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family   Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family Gonzalez FamilyGonzalez Family

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SF Conservatory of Flowers Session: Mo + Mary Jane Over time, I've developed an obsession with plants. It started with a few succulents, air plants, and now I've accumulated a growing collection of ferns, cacti and orchids. With a new appreciation for indoor greenery, I was ecstatic to do this next couple's session at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers. Mary Jane actually found me in IG, and was just as excited to do this greenhouse shoot. Just a little over a year ago, MJ and Mo tied the knot over an intimate ceremony. They mentioned that it's now time for them to create more pictures together as a couple. And I can't be any happier to help with that!

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Stow Lake & San Francisco City Hall Engagement: Yoonie + Jason I met Yoonie & Jason out by Stow Lake on a January winter morning. The fog decided to pay us a visit but that didn't stop these two from meeting me for their engagement session! Balloons and flowers in hand, Yoonie warmly embraced me. We made our way alongside the lake and caught some dramatic misty feels in our images.

We ended up next at beautiful San Francisco City Hall. With couples from all over tying the knot here, there is probably no other place in San Francisco filled with as much diverse love as here! For this special place, Yoonie wore a custom made red dress gifted to her from a talented friend. At one point, violin music filled the air giving perfect reason for a playful couple's dance.

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Yosemite Winter Portrait Session - Yukari Imagine leading a classroom of 25 kids, no older than six, to summit the peak of Mt. Fuji. I had my doubts that this would be possible, until Yukari shared her story with me. Being a teacher in a town just outside of Tokyo, she jumped on this challenge to get children to experience the great outdoors. It took some convincing with parents (and herself) that this was a great idea. And sure enough, every single kid made it up to the summit proving that children are much stronger than they appear. 

To capture a radiant spirit like Yukari, we went down to the heart of Yosemite for a portrait session. There's no better way to wrap up 2017 than this beautiful shoot in one of the most amazing places on earth.

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves." - John Muir

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Land's End Shichi Go San Session - Logan & Charlie Each mid-November in Japan is Shichi-Go-San, a day to celebrate the growth and health of young children at the ages of seven-five-three. To mark this special time of 5yo Logan and 3yo Charlie, their grandparents in Tokyo had custom kimonos made for this occasion. Their parents Chris & Sayaka wanted to capture their little ones at Land's End with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge as their backdrop. It was amazing to document the kimono dressing process which comprised of multiple layers, each complete with intricate details and vibrant patterns. They hiked along the trail in traditional Japanese sandals, which is a feat in itself to keep balanced. We stayed out till past sunset and got front row seats to the beautiful panoramic views of the bay.

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Stow Lake Session: Augustine Family Hanna, Jeramy & their boys met me at the Stow Lake Boathouse for an early morning session. I've always loved this location as it provides so many varied backdrops of trees and the lake. Being their first time to explore this spot, the boys Tristan & Gabe had fun watching the ducks and swinging on trees. They were so playful with their parents, making it easy to break out in laughter. 


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Holiday Family Session: Bernsteins Every year I look forward to seeing Jessica & Ben and their fast growing boys. Going back a few years, I met Jess when she had me cover her first newborn Zev. The following holiday, I got to see him year older running around Golden Gate Park. The year after that, they announced their second boy Leo and asked me to capture that fleeting moment while he's at his tiniest. Both boys have grown so much since I last saw them. They also adore each other, making exceptionally sweet moments for the camera. 


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San Francisco Theological Seminary Wedding: Kimmy + Danny We arrive on site at the San Francisco Theological Seminary, and thrilled to capture Kimmy & Danny's wedding at one of the most picturesque venues in the Bay Area. A 100-yr old stone chapel sits atop the hill, with an outdoor terrace complete with stunning views of Mt. Tamalpais in the distance. As outdoor lovers who chose to adventure through Yellowstone for their honeymoon, it's only fitting that they surround themselves with nature as their backdrop on their wedding day.

In the meantime, Danny and his groomsmen make preparations before heading down the hill for the First Look.

As the bridal party make their way back up the hill, we wandered further down the path towards the redwoods for a quiet moment with just the couple.

Cleaning up from the forest visit, before Kimmy makes her entrance down the aisle.

The officiant prepared a special gift of song dedicated to the lovely couple. He was pretty amazing!

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Muir Woods Wedding: Andreas + Sayuri When Sayuri and Andreas announced plans for an intimate wedding in the forest of Muir Woods and they wanted me to capture their day, I was ecstatic to be a part of such a momentous event. Our couple are avid hikers who first met on a backpacking adventure through Patagonia. Throughout the years, they explored amazing trails from the Lost Coast to Bryce Canyon. After the rains, they would join fellow friends on foraging scouts and often bring back full baskets of porcini and other fungi finds. Their love for nature and each other, brings them together on this day to exchange vows underneath the giant redwoods.

After the ceremony, we drove up to the top of Mount Tamalpais to an amazing spot that Sayuri & Andreas scouted from a recent hiking trip. Things could not have aligned any better, as the hiking club Friends of Mt. Tam were gathered atop this location for an annual viewing party to watch the moon rise as the sun sets. They warmly showered the couple with champagne and an impromptu celebratory reception. 

Special thank you to Brian loving husband, lighting technician, and one of the best officiants I have yet to work with.

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Minnie's Bridal Shower: Jack London Sonoma State Park In less than 3 months, my sister Minnie is about to tie the knot with the love of her life. We celebrated with a bohemian inspired woodland bridal shower at the beautiful Jack London Sonoma State Park in our very own oak grove.

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Point Reyes Bridal Shoot: Lauren + Cam A couple months ago, I had a strong urge to create a styled bridal shoot at Point Reyes. Specifically, I wanted to return to Chimney Rock Trail, which runs across the ridge crest of a narrow peninsula with expansive views of the coastline and Drakes Bay. Right below the cliffs, the comical elephant seals lay around in packs sunbathing all day...the life! 

Our models, Lauren & Cam, just returned from a Tokyo trip as a newly engaged couple! Cam actually surprised Lauren with the proposal atop a ferris wheel, which I found to be one of the sweetest things ever. Filled with energy, we started up the trail and suddenly realized that we're in for an experience nothing short of exciting. Out on the exposed bluffs, we were hit with gusty winds which I later realized was recorded at 40mph that day. As cold as we got, our couple survived the adventure and was simply stunning in these images.

Models: Cameron & Lauren D'Alessandro

Lighting Technician: Brian Wong

Dress: Jenny Yoo NYC via BHDLN

Florals: Ampersand SF

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Berkeley Family Session: Ian+Susan+Olivia I think I've found a new favorite location! We met with the Ian, Susan and baby Olivia at the Cesar Chavez park by the Berkeley Marina. Running your hands through tall grass fields while laying underneath a cloudless blue sky...minus the occasional pokey foxtails, I couldn't have asked for better conditions. We wandered down a trail till it eventually opened up to an unobstructed view of the bay. Things were going so well, that I just wanted to keep on shooting. Just as the sun was setting, baby Olivia flashed us her best smile of the day (yes!). After knowing these two for so many years, I could not be any happier to capture them as the wonderful parents that they've become today.

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Linda Falls Engagement: Minnie + David Just a short drive away from Napa, we heard that there's an accessible waterfall that's over 30ft high running over volcanic rocks. We drove out with Minnie and David for their engagement session, and started on our hike to reach the falls. Within a mile, it's hard to miss the sounds of strong rapids built up from the recent rainfall. After some precarious scrambling across giant boulders and a few minor bruises, I found a stable (enough) position to move around to get shots of the happy couple. To be surrounded by symmetrical waterfalls with the warm light breaking through the trees...I was giddy and awestruck. We hiked back during twilight and couldn't agree more that it was undoubtedly one awesome day. 

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Fitzgerald Marine Reserve Engagement: Kimmy + Danny With the abundance of rain this California winter, I patiently waited for a break in the weather for Kimmy & Danny's engagement session. Literally just hours before we met up, rain and even hail landed on my doorsteps. As if meant to be, the sun came out in full swing by the time we met at the cypress grove forest at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. As if you can't tell already, I'm obsessed with trees. I love the textures, the dramatic shadows and breaks of light created through their branches. And with Moss Beach just steps away, to say this spot is magical is an understatement. We were able to spend some time on the shores, just before the high tide swept in. Not only were Kimmy & Danny the sweetest couple, but they were not afraid to brave the cold and ocean wind with me. I just cannot wait to capture their summer wedding this upcoming August!

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Frances' Maternity Session - Land's End, San Francisco Frances reached out to me with exciting news that she's expecting another girl. With the recent rains, we were lucky to get a sunny break in the weather for a maternity & family session. I met up with Frances, Carlos, and their 2yr old daughter Hayden at Land's End. 



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Heather Farms Wedding - Joey + Polina There's no lovelier way to finish off the year than with a December winter wedding, as Polina & Joey tie the knot. Held at the Gardens of Heather Farms, natural and woodsy elements of tree slices, fresh pine cones, honey jars, and blush florals with sage greens completed the decor. 

I was grateful to have been able to document this beautiful wedding alongside my friend and mentor Stephen Hew, who first inspired me years ago to make photography a part of my life again. 

Bridal Dress: J'aime Bridal in Pleasanton

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulu's

Hair & Makeup Artist: Atelier Salon Marin

Florals: @depphammy

Wedding Coordinator: Chelsea Bowman at Heather Farms


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San Francisco Newborn & Family Session - Baby Leo I first met Jessica & Ben a couple years as they welcomed their first baby boy into the world. I saw them last holiday and watched as Zev grew quickly to be the curious and handsome kid that he is now. When Jessica announced they just had a 2nd boy, I was thrilled to document another big milestone as their family grows. Meet Baby Leo.

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