MARY HUYNH PHOTOGRAPHY | Tokyo Portrait Session: Rinko

Tokyo Portrait Session: Rinko

April 29, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Ready Player One? The night before our session, Rinko interviewed Steven Spielberg at the movie premier in Tokyo. What was it like meeting him in person, I asked. The words "larger than life" came up. As a news media reporter, Rinko finds herself meeting stars and traveling to new locations for stories on the latest pop culture and arts scene. Before heading to Japan, a dear friend connected me with Rinko after hearing of my plans to do a styled portrait shoot while on travel. Due to her unpredictable schedule, we ended up meeting midday at the Shinjuku Gyoen garden. I usually avoid shooting during midday when the mix of harsh sun and dark shadows are tougher to work with. However when the luxury of shooting during magic hour evades me, it means time to take advantage of elements that are available. Shaded areas created by trees, bushes, and momentary clouds were my friends. By the time I reached Tokyo, the last of the cherry blossom had mostly fallen. We found the last tree with remaining sakura, blanketed by layers of pink petals at its base. Each time the wind blew, we were showered with raining blossoms which created a magical scene that felt all too surreal. 


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